Instagram or Insta is a social media platform that can be accessed by both a mobile app and a desktop site. This is a photo-sharing app that allows its users to have their own profile which as per users’ wish can be public or private. Soon after its launch, the app grew largely and extremely popular. The most common feature of Instagram is the double-tap or the like button. But with time Instagram has changed presenting various new features like status, filters, etc. Along the same people can now buy ig followers as well.


A little less is always better!!

Everything, when used in a proper manner, is useful but overexploitation of things always result in some negative way similarly to show the world how glamorous one’s life can be people uploads each and every stage of their life which sometimes becomes some one’s obsession, many uses this type thing to stalk people to disturb other or interfere in others life. People increase their counts with the help of ig followers.

Positive impacts of likes

Many popular accounts on Instagram aren’t monopolized. There is a variety of content and different accounts cater to different sets of audience. For example, small-scale artists whose art of work is not extremely popular through their Instagram pages where their followers who like their content promote them through likes and sharing of their content. These likes promote such art forms and help the artist gain confidence in their work. Here, art could be in the form of painting, dancing, singing, sculpting, designing, etc. Sometimes these likes may increase the follower count. By constantly keeping the followers engaged the account holder may even earn money through the app. One may also sell their artwork online to their followers.


What if there were no ‘likes’

Unlike every big thing whose most promising part ends up being the most annoying feature similarly Instagrams likes does the job.

One of the main features of Instagram is double-tap like or heart button thou everybody wants to know whether they are looking good or not by uploading their photos on a social media platform and gaining likes.

Everything has its ups and downs it’s up to you whether you use it for your own good or not. According to many researchers, it is found that Instagram has many unseen potentials as it helps you in marketing your product for free.

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